Bacalar Hotels

From rustic villas to beautiful bungalows located within the lagoon, to small hotels and hostels located around the main square, find the accommodation option that best suits your needs.

Bacalar - Hoteles - Hamacas

Boutique Hotels

The boutique hotels in Bacalar are true sanctuaries where you can enjoy privacy surrounded by nature. These usually have exquisite restaurants and incredible spas within their facilities, and offer some watersports rentals, such as kayak, paddleboard and pontoon tours, among others.


Hostels are a much more accessible option, perfect for travelers who are on a budget and that prefer to spend their money getting to know Bacalar and some other places of the Grand Costa Maya, besides interacting with other travelers and locals, having restaurants, bars and plenty of attractions nearby. Some hotels are located right of the shore of the Bacalar Lagoon and some others around downtown.


Nature lovers can enjoy camping by the Lagoon of the Seven Colors, as there are some campsites offering exciting activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding, yoga, boat rides, windsurfing, kitsurfing, among others.



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