Things To Do

Meet the must-sees of Bacalar.
  • The Fort of San Felipe: Used in antiquity to defend the area, there is the Piracy Museum where the whole history of the town and its relationship with pirates is concentrated.
  • The Rapids of Bacalar: They connect with the lagoon and with the waters of the Hondo River through the Estero de Chac is known as the Pirates Channel. It is a magical and unparalleled site where in addition to enjoying the beauty of its waters it is possible to know about stromatolites, unique mineral structures in the area and of great importance for aquatic life.
  • The Cenote Cocalitos is one of the most popular in the area since stromatolites can be seen very close to its limits.
  • The Emerald Cenote is considered one of the most spectacular viewpoints of the Seven Colors Lagoon, in addition to being ideal for diving.
  • The Black Cenote is also located within the Seven Colors Lagoon, it is the deepest cenote, it is 90 meters deep. It is called that because of its great depth, however, its waters are transparent and it can be clearly seen where its circumference begins in the form of a half-moon.
  • Cenote Azul: Located on the outskirts of Bacalar. Its waters reflect the surrounding nature as if it were a mirror.