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Recognized as a “Pueblo Mágico” (Magic Town), Bacalar is the perfect place for travelers who are looking for an off-the-beaten path destination where they can be surrounded by nature, without leaving behind some history, adventure and culture. This destination, part of the Grand Costa Maya, has several natural wonders, perfect for performing any environmentally-friendly activities in the Lagoon of the Seven Colors, named like that due to its different shades of blue, like kayaking, paddleboarding or a catamaran, sailboat or pontoon trip.

In the lagoon there are three cenotes. The Cenote Cocalitos has some swings and hammocks inside the water where you can relax while listening to the birds chirping. The Cenote Negro, also known as “Cenote de la Bruja” (The Cenote of the Witch), has a 130 meter diameter and a 100 meter depth. Surrounded by a lush vegetation, the Cenote Negro owes its name to its intense cobalt blue tone of its waters. Some of the activities you can do here are paddleboarding, snorkeling and scuba diving. The Cenote Esmeralda has a spring from where the water emerges feeding the lagoon. The only cenote located outside the lagoon is the Cenote Azul, which is 200 meters wide and 90 meters deep. Here you can swim and even canoe. This place has a restaurant, famous for offering delicious seafood.

Los Rápidos de Bacalar (Bacalar Rapids) connect the Bacalar Lagoon with a smaller one called Xul-Há. These two water bodies connect through the Estero de Chac, also known as El Canal de los Piratas (The Pirates Canal), which is were stromatolites can be found. Let yourself be carried away by the soft currents; kayak or paddleboard across its waters and admire its fascinating natural colors surroundings.

Outside of the water, the main square (Plaza Principal) is where most of the action happens, as this is where the Fort of San Felipe is located, which nowadays holds a museum that tells Bacalar´s story in relation to the Mayans and pirates. Cycle around the Plaza Principal and enjoy some regional “antojitos” or a delicious ice cream, and stroll around the market where vendors sell handicrafts. Don´t forget to take a picture in Bacalar´s photographic parador.


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