Water Activities

Being the Lagoon of the Seven Colors the main attraction of Bacalar, there are a lot of water activities that can be perform here, highlights include the ones that have a low environmental impact, as we are interested in protecting and maintaining the lagoon so that it doesn't lose its vibrant hues, but also respecting the first evidence of life on Earth, the stromatolites, microbial communities that have been around for 3.5 billion years and that are important oxygen generators.

There are plenty of tours, including kayaking and paddleboard tours, which are some of the top things to do, especially at dawn so you can admire the sunset and listen to the sounds of nature. If you are an early bird and you want to stay active during your vacation, we recommend you to book a sup yoga class, where you will meditate and do yoga on a stand up paddle board. A unique experience that will transport your mind, body and soul to another place while at the same time connecting you with yourself and the environment. Go on a sailing excursion onboard a boat, sailboat or pontoon, which is a flat-bottomed boat, very common in Bacalar and the neighboring country of Belize.

If you just want to relax in its waters, along the shore you will find some docks that have direct access to the lagoon, which usually have hammocks and swings inside the water so you can take great pictures in them.

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There are many things to do in Bacalar, choose the ones you like the most and enjoy the beautiful Lagoon of Seven Colors in your own way.