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Top Things To Do In Tulum

There are some magical places that are awe-inspiring where you feel free and can unwind to connect yourself with nature, and Tulum is just one of those places. Visiting this wonderful tourist destination located in the Riviera Maya is discovering the Mayans heritage through its imposing…

How to Spend a Weekend in Playa del Carmen

One of the largest cities in the Mexican Caribbean, Playa del Carmen is one of the coolest spots on the Riviera Maya and it’s perfectly positioned so you can get to other nearby cities such as Tulum and Cancun too. Playa del Carmen offers everything you could want from a vacation - you could be…

Discover Isla Contoy

Perhaps you have never heard of this little island located in the Mexican Caribbean, and that is because Isla Contoy is a real hidden gem: A completely uninhabited island with beautiful lagoons, lush jungle and idyllic beaches that look like paradise… It is located 18 miles away from Isla Mujeres…