Riviera Maya is a paradise for scuba divers like few in the world. Here, you will find so many spots to perform this activity like the imposing Caribbean Sea, underwater rivers or mystical cenotes. Plus, you can choose to do it at daytime or night-time, which will allow you to live two different experiences!

We will start out this blog by telling you about the cenotes and what makes them so attractive for scuba divers, either beginners or advanced.  The Sac Actun System, with a length of 347 kilometers and a maximum depth of 101 meters is the longest underground river in the world, which connects all the cenotes in the area through various underwater caves; which make them a great challenge for divers who want to discover the secrets that lie underneath their mystical waters.



  1. El Pit: Swim through the deepest cave passage in Quintana Roo (118 meters/ 396 ft).  From 12 to 18 meters deep. You will marvel yourself with the halocline, a phenomenon that happens when fresh water and salty water mix together
  2. Tajma Ha: A 13-meter-deep cenote (35 ft) where you can also observe the wonderful phenomenon of halocline, which creates a mirror effect that will take your breath away. On your journey under its waters you will find incredible rock formations such as stalactites, stalagmites, columns and fossilized remains of ancient creatures. Its cave system is one of the most impressive ones due the many directions and connections it has to several other cenotes.
  3. Pet Cementery: A cenote full of mysticism. By immersing yourself in its depths, you will be able to observe some animal skeletons. It is the perfect cenote for beginner scuba divers due to its depth (6 meters).
  4. Angelita: A surreal place since at the bottom of this wonderful cenote, there are some fallen trunks and remains of vegetation that have generated a very dense cloud of hydrogen sulfate that could be seen as mist which makes it look like a "sea forest". The photos you take will be worth showing-off on Instagram.
  5. Kukulcan: Its cavern literally lights up when you illuminate it with a lantern, as it is made up of pure limestone rock. In addition to this incredible phenomenon you will also be able to observe fossils and small quartz crystals embedded in the walls.
  6. Car Wash: Also known as Aktun-Ha, it is an open cenote where you can admire a lot of flora and fauna species like Lotus Flowers, turtles and if you are lucky enough, even a small crocodile that has made of this place its home. The cavern has very big stalactites and a lot of coral fossils.
It is important for you to know that to dive in some of these cenotes you must have a diver’s certification.


We hope you enjoy these recommendations to the fullest and that your scuba diving experience in the Riviera Maya is an unforgettable one!