Besides of all the tourist attractions that you can find in the different destinations in the Mexican Caribbean, you will also find beautiful souvenirs made with all the love and care from the inhabitants of the different Mayan communities, so that when you return home you can take a little piece of this wonderful Mexican paradise with you.

Thanks to Quintana Roo´s natural wealth, you will find a lot of different handicrafts. We are pretty sure that you will buy more than one. Some of them are made of local materials like chechen, mahogany, tzalam, cedar, and ciricote; sisal fiber, cotton, coconut, vine or seeds.

What makes the Mexican Caribbean handicrafts special is the simplicity, colors and beauty.

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, the wide variety of handicrafts you will find in our different destinations are for everyone´s taste; there is jewelry  made of seeds, seashells or minerals, embroidered clothing and textiles, wooden carved items for your office or home, baskets and vine ornaments, as well as the famous and colorful hammocks.

Also noteworthy is the food, such as the delicious pitahaya jams (exquisite fruit harvest in the region of Maya Ka'an), beauty products made of honey and some other natural ingredients which are an excellent souvenir for your family and friends. In another blog, you can find more details about both the jams and the beauty products, since the elaboration process and local ingredients are worth mentioning.

It is very important for you to know that when you purchase any of these products, you are supporting and strengthening the local economy of the Mayan communities, but above all, you are purchasing a great natural product.

So, now that you know, when you travel to the Mexican Caribbean be sure to leave an extra space in your suitcase for the souvenirs.