“Para todo mal, mezcal, para todo bien, ¡también!”

(For the bad, mezcal, for the good as well!)

This typical cantina phrase is ideal to start talking about an exciting topic: Mexican beverages! As everybody knows, in part due to the Mexican films of the Golden Cinema, “cantinas” (bars or canteens) were the meeting point for gentlemen. Nowadays, cantinas have become much more than that: familiar places to taste Mexican food delicacies, listen to Mariachi music and toast for whatever reason it may come.

An important part of your traveling experience is to taste the local flavors of the tourist destinations that you are visiting. The time to eat and drink become one of the most exciting moments of the day!

Tequila, mezcal and wine are the ideal drinks for party and celebration! When you visit Mexico and the Mexican Caribbean you will be invited to try the most representative Mexican drink: Tequila, which boasts appellation of origin. It means that, if it is not produced in the Tequila area of Jalisco, México, it cannot bear the name. Mezcal has achieved such fame that nowadays there are specialized sites for tasting it: the famous “mezcalerías”. Are you in Mexico for a celebration? Mexican wine has achieved an excellent international quality level. The most delicious wines are produced in Mexico to accompany food and any special occasion.

 Now it’s time to talk about the delicious fruit-based refreshing waters that you can find in any Mexican restaurant. These “aguas frescas” (fresh waters, as we call them), include the famous waters of horchata and jamaica (“horchata” is made with rice, and “jamaica” is the flower of hibiscus), as well as the most varied fruits.

Aguas Frescas

The Mayan World is not an exception and in the Mexican Caribbean you can find a sweet, digestive and delicious drink, similar to anise, made with honey, flowers and some spices. This exquisite and fine beverage has the name of Xtabentún, which is also the name of the flower, and means “entangled vineyards that grow on stones” in Maya language.

We finish this small tour along the Mexican drinks talking about coffee, which in Mexico has high world class quality, known internationally. Chiapas and Veracruz are the most famous and important coffee producing states. In some areas of Veracruz coffee is produced with appellation of origin, so we can proudly ask you: “Would you like to taste a Veracruz?”