One of Mexico´s most popular holiday is undoubtedly Independence Day.

Mexico´s Independence Day is a national holiday that takes place on September 16th. This day marks the moment the Catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla called "the father of Mexican independence" got sick and tired of the Spaniards and started an armed riot in order to make a change. This movement started with the Cry of Dolores ended on September 27th, 1821.

Far beyond the historical value of this holiday, this day represents a celebration and an excellent opportunity to get together in what it is known as “Noche Mexicana” where people eat delicious dishes such as pozole, chiles en nogada or tacos and of course, have some good tequila and mezcal, or for those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks, some refreshing agua de jamaica; made of hibiscus flower, horchata; made of rice or tamarind.

Why not try some Mexican candy such as cocadas, alegrías or dulce de leche.

A great way to wrap up the night is by listening to a mariachi band. "Si señor!


The so-called “Fiestas Patrias” begin at 11:00 p. m. on September 15th with a speech performed by the current President at the main square in Mexico City, and the same thing happens in each state in all Mexico. Governors and mayors are in charge of that.

If you visit any of the Mexican Caribbean destinations on this holiday, you can see this civic ceremony at the main squares to experience an unforgettable “Noche Mexicana”.

Some hotels, restaurants, bars and nightclubs feature a bunch of ways to celebrate this wonderful tradition.

Fiestas Patrias - Teatro

People eating on Trajinera

¡Viva México! and ¡Viva the Mexican Caribbean!