This state of Mexico is famous for having the most visited place in Latin America: Cancún but this beautiful is just a tiny part of its richness. From Cancún to Chetumal, Quintana Roo  is state full of nature and adventures that we invite you to experience on your trip to the Mexican Caribbean. That’s why we want to show you some of the natural reserves you can visit.

The Reefs of Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is a small town of fishermen and it’s located 40 minutes away from Cancún.

In front of its coasts is a reef system that is part of the “Great Belt of Reefs of the Western Atlantic” also known as “Great Mayan Reef”. The beaches that surround this town are quiet and sometimes seem to be huge pools, thanks to this reef barrier prevents high waves arrive with all their might. This amazing was declared as a protected area in 1998.

Puerto Morelos - Reef

The Reefs of Cozumel

Once again, this beautiful island give us another reason to visit it! The reefs of Cozumel are 24 miles to the southeast from the coast of Puerto Morelos. This reef system is part of the “Great Belt of Reefs of the Western Atlantic” and also part of the “Mesoamerican Reef System “. Diving in the clear waters of Cozumel is an unforgettable experience to discover an adventurous side of the Mexican Caribbean. In the reefs of Cozumel you can admire colorful fishes and many rocks formations that you’ve never imagined to see. The National Commission of Protected Natural Areas declared in 1996, the Reef National Park of Cozumel as a protected area.

Cozumel Mexico

Isla Contoy

This treasure of the Caribbean Sea is located 18 miles north of Isla Mujeres. Isla Contoy is a protected natural area since 1961 and was declared a National Park in 1998. The trip to the island takes at least two hours but in the meantime you can admire from the boat, how the Gulf of México meets the Caribbean Sea merge into a mesmerizing landscape. Isla Contoy homes 152 birds species and during the summer, three species of turtles nest on its shore: hawksbill, white turtle and loggerhead turtle. Only 200 persons are allowed per day to visit this paradise.

Isla Contoy

Sian Ka’an

The first thing we would like to say about this place is: you are about to meet the entrance of the heaven on earth! Precisely that’s what the Mayan word Sian Ka’an means: “the heaven’s Door”. This mesmerizing place is located in Mayaka’an near to Tulum. The beaches along of its coast are crystal with white sands and hundreds of palms trees. Besides nature, Sian Ka’an hides the wonders of an ancient culture: The Mayas! Muyil is the perfect spot to unveil the secrets of this legacy. Boca Paila, Vigia Chico and Punta Allen are just a few reasons to plan your trip to this wonderful place.

Sian Kaan

Chinchorro Bank Biosphere Reserve

In the south of the Mexican Caribbean, there is a place where the sea hides an amazing place to discover. This is Chinchorro Bank, a natural barrier reef located 19 miles from the coast of Mahahual. This paradise is formed by beautiful islands surrounded by mangroves that home at least 93 bird species. The Chinchorro Bank Biosphere Reserve was decreed on July 19, 1996, with an area of 144,360 hectares. It is the best preserved reef system in the country.  In its depths, the scuba divers can enjoy an incredible adventure by discovering the remains of almost 20 wrecked ships.


These are only a few natural reserves in the Mexican Caribbean but we are sure no matter the place you choose to visit, you will find a great adventure to live.

Remember that these areas are an important part of the biodiversity of Mexico, so we ask that you always respect the regulations of each area as well as help us take care of all the flora and fauna. We hope that your adventure through the Mexican Caribbean will be unforgettable, come back soon.