Mexican cuisine, Cultural Heritage of Humanity, has pre-Hispanic origins based on the ancestral corn and chili, among many other ingredients, having a number of variations, according to the regions, and the meat and vegetables available in each one. Mexican cuisine has been enriched with the Conquest, and different ingredients, spices, and cooking methods were brought by the Spaniards to Mexico. Communities from different countries came to ours to stay and have left their seal on the gastronomy.

Ancestral recipes and modern methods have created the Mexican Haute Cuisine, loved throughout the world. Common ingredients, such as huitlacoche (the corn fungus), insects, such as the worm of maguey, and pumpkin flowers, make up the incredible plates that we can taste in Mexican restaurants in Mexico and abroad.


Now we invite you to take a quick view and small trip along some Mexican states and their most typical dishes: the “pozole” from Guerrero, the “birria” from Jalisco, (kind of soups with meat), the “cochinita pibil” (pork) from Yucatán, the grilled meats, from Nuevo León, and the “chiles en nogada” (stuffed poblano chilis with pecan sauce) from Puebla. “Tamales” (dish made of corn masa, steamed in a corn husk or banana leaf), are as varied as the many regions exist. And of course, the very Mexican “tacos”, made with corn “tortillas” stuffed with anything you can imagine, found everywhere in Mexico.

During your vacations on Cancun you can find a wide range of dishes, one for each palate, as gastronomy has become a very interesting attraction for visitors. All the cuisines of the world found in many establishments in the same place. But of course, Mexican food is the queen.   


Our islands offer you some iconic dishes you should not miss!! So when you come to the beautiful Holbox Island you will find delicious & fresh seafood. The lobster pizza is the dish of the island. Or you can taste some turnovers filled with fish, shrimp, stingray and lobster. Isla Mujeres also boasts an iconic plate: the “Tikin Xic fish”, a fresh filleted fish, marinated in a delicious mixture of garlic, tomato, orange juice and local spices, such as “axiote”, the star ingredient of this grilled delight.

Now, talking about desserts, let’s get now a History lesson about an all-Mexican ingredient: the chocolate! It was the Aztecs’ sacred beverage, they used to drink it hot, spicy and dissolved in water. Spaniards added sugar and milk to cocoa, making it delicious. Definitively it has been one of the most important gifts from Mexico to the world!

On November 16, 2010, Mexican cuisine was recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco. Colors, aromas and flavors, food for the senses… there is so much to say and try! What is the Mexican dish that you like the most?