Experience the tropical and relaxed vibes of the Mexican Caribbean by visiting its islands, —Cozumel, Holbox and Isla Mujeres— where you will discover beautiful landscapes where you can experience its calmness, magic and joy.

The largest island of the Mexican Caribbean, Cozumel, is 48 kilometers long and 16 kilometers wide, an idyllic place featuring spectacular sunsets, thrilling water activities, astonishing culture and more, that will guarantee you a great holiday.

Punta Sur

There are many things you can do in Cozumel, but for now we will only mention some of its highlights you can do on your next trip.

Being an island, its main attractions include water activities, specially scuba diving, as it has more than 40 different dive sites, which place it as a top destination for diving amateurs and experienced divers as well, who enjoy getting into the depths of the ocean, exploring new underwater landscapes in every immersion.

If you are not into scuba diving, we recommend you to book a snorkeling tour, which will allow you to admire Cozumel´s impressive coral reefs, colorful fishes and its abundant marine life.

One of the must-see dive sites is called "El Cielo", (which translates as "The Sky") an idyllic place located 15 minutes away from Playa Palancar, where you can snorkel, swim and also watch the many starfish that lie on the seabed, that is why this dive site stands out from the rest. Please make sure not to disturb them and don't take them out of the water.

Among other attractions you should add to your bucket list its natural parks, some of them featuring lagoons, mangroves, reefs, beaches where you can do different activities suitable for the whole family. There is also an amusement park where you and your family will learn more about the Mayans in an interactive and fun way.

If you are an active traveler and you are into biking, then you will be glad to know that Cozumel is a great place for performing this activity. Discover the island's hidden trails and take in the sights and sounds at a relaxed pace.

Isla Cozumel Sport

If you want to get back home with a perfect tan, there is no better way to do it than spending the day at one of its white sand beaches. Some of them have beach clubs where you can enjoy the sun by lounging in a hammock or lounge chair.

Come to Cozumel and let yourself be surprised by the warmth of the locals with open arms.