In Chetumal, the culture, history and the beauty of its natural attractions merge to surprise all those who visit this Caribbean destination at the Grand Costa Maya.

On this blog, we will tell you about the places you should visit specifically in the city of Chetumal, because you must know that there are also many attractions in its surroundings that are worth exploring, but we will talk about them some other time.

Begin your trip visiting Bahia Boulevard, which is located downtown and is the longest boulevard in the Yucatan Peninsula, you will find several monuments; among them we have "Monumento al Pescador", "Monumento al Renacimiento” " and the “Monumento a la Bandera” as well as the Corredor Escultórico (Sculpture Corridor) where you can see some sculptures made by plastic artists from different parts of the world. Bahia Boulevard surrounds the beautiful Chetumal Bay   —declared a Manatee Sanctuary— and is the perfect setting to ride a bike or stroll and admire the incredible sunrises or sunsets. You can also try some local munchies “antojitos” such as the delicious marquesitas, machacados or hot dogs that are made in a very special way and are very popular among locals.

Couple Looking At Colored Water Fountains At Fuente del Pescador

Payo Obispo Scale Model In Chetumal

Another attraction we recommend you to visit is the Payo Obispo scale model, which is located inside a traditional English style wooden house on the Bahia Boulevard. This scale model will transport you to the origins of this city in the 20th century when the city was named "Payo Obispo". It was a small town with colorful buildings and dirt roads.

To get to know the interesting history and culture of Chetumal, there is nothing better than a tour of its many museums where you will see the different stages that this destination in the southern Mexican Caribbean has experienced in the last century.

Museo de la Cultura Maya

A “must” for people who are interested in the fascinating Mayan culture, since it is one of the most complete museums in the Yucatan Peninsula. It has replicas of the most representative pieces and ornaments of different architectural styles, jewelry, paintings, utensils, etc.
They provide multimedia presentations and interactive machines.
The permanent exhibition is layout in three levels that allow visitors to learn about various aspects of this civilization: its earthly life, the underworld and the celestial vault, always revolving around the so-called Yaxché or Ceiba; a representation and sacred tree for the Mayans.

Models Of Mayan Pyramids At The Museum of Mayan Culture

Overhead View Of Neighborhood On The Coast In Chetumal

Museo de la Ciudad

Located two blocks away from Museo de la Cultura Maya, in Centro Cultural de las Bellas Artes. In this museum, you will get to know Chetumal´s history, going from The Caste War, its foundation to modern times.  

La Casa de la Crónica

Another good place to continue your city tour. It features photos, postcards, books and documents of invaluable historical value. It is located at Parque de los Caimanes, downtown Chetumal.

Other options that are also very attractive, especially if you travel with children, are the zoo and the planetarium:

Front Entrance Of Casa de la Crónica In Chetumal

Man, Woman, Boy And Girl Playing With Flamingos At Chetumal Zoo

Payo Obispo Zoo

Here you will find different ecosystems and you will be able to see more than 50 species of butterflies, reptiles, mammals, birds of the region, etc. Visit the Wetlands Grotto, the Rainforest Interpretation Center an interactive farm and enjoy the ziplines, the hanging bridges and the aviary.

Yook´ol Kaab Planetarium

Discover the magic of the cosmos by visiting this fascinating place where you will have fun while learning about astronomy and related sciences. The Yook'ol Kaab Planetarium has independent telescopes, a lunar and a solar telescope, as well as a projection room with an advanced full dome projection in which a large number of films, documentaries and short films are presented.

Without a doubt, Chetumal is a destination where you can combine different entertainment options and cultural and historical activities that will make your trip to the Mexican Caribbean a great experience.

Woman In White Dress Sitting Next To A Cannon Overlooking The Coast In Chetumal