Mayan culture and archeological sites

The ancient Mayan civilization is recognized worldwide for its achievements in art, architecture and science.

Cancun has a privileged location and close to some of the most impressive archeological areas of the Mexican Caribbean (Tulum and Cobá), but it also has its own archeological sites, which will allow you to enter the fascinating world of this millenary culture.

  • El Rey: It is the largest archaeological site in Cancun. Located at km 18 of Boulevard Kukulcán in the hotel zone. The site is important for its unusual architecture. It consists of 47 structures of a religious and administrative area in which important ceremonies were held. There are two main squares limited by two streets. The site dates back to the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC and is related to astronomical practices.
  • El Meco: Located at km 2.7 of the Puerto Juárez - Punta Sam highway in Costa Mujeres, north of Cancun. It highlights the main structure known as "El Castillo", which is the highest in the northern region of the state.
  • San Miguelito: It is located at km 16.5 of the hotel zone. Access to the site is through the Maya Museum of Cancun.
  • Yamil Lu’um: It has only one structure called “The Temple of the Scorpion” that is believed to function as an observatory as it faces the sea. It is located at km 12 between the Park Royal Cancun and Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort hotels.