Museums In Cancun

Cancun has a museum, dedicated to the Mayan culture.

Museo Maya de Cancún

It protects one of the most significant archaeological collections of the Mayan culture in the country, including pieces from various Mayan sites of Quintana Roo, Palenque and Chichen Itza. The first room of the museum is dedicated to the archeology of our state (Quintana Roo), the second details general aspects of the Mayan civilization and the third room is dedicated to temporary exhibitions.

The visit to the museum also includes access to the San Miguelito Archaeological Zone; through a path that starts from the lower corridor of the museum, this site is made up of several architectural complexes: The Great Pyramid that stands in the main building; The South, which consists of housing units, a palace-like building and small altars; Dragons, named in this way because in the seventies snakeheads were found here that the population mistakenly identified as dragons, in this area there is a temple that conserves fragments of wall paintings with designs of animals and marine elements.

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