Experience the Caribbean vibes of Cozumel by attending the many events and festivities that are held on the island throughout the year.

Sports Events

Thanks to its excellent infrastructure and great weather, many important national and international sports competitions are held on the island all year long.

Carrera Ciclismo Cozumel

Cultural Events

Among the must-see events of this idyllic destination of the Mexican Caribbean are:

The Carnival

One of the top and most popular carnivals in Mexico. This amazing carnival has been held since 1874. This huge street party is very popular amongst locals and tourists. This celebration includes the presentation of kings and queens, parades, dances, live performances, technicolor processions all along Cozumel's downtown oceanfront and concerts from top singers and bands. The closing ceremony is celebrated with the traditional burning of “Juan Carnaval”, a very popular make-believe character.

La Feria El Cedral and La Fiesta de la Santa Cruz de Sabán

These two celebrations have been held since 1848 in honor of Santa Cruz de Sabán. During these days there are religious, gastronomic, cultural and sports activities, as well as regional handicraft exhibitions and concerts. It is one of the oldest festivities, not only in Cozumel, but in all of Mexico. This festival generally takes place at the end of April and beginning of May, to celebrate the day of the “Santa Cruz” (Holy Cross).

Plan your trip to Cozumel around one of its famous events and celebrations and experience the Caribbean vibe and festive ambiance… It will undoubtedly be an experience you will never forget!