The island is recognized for hosting important national and international sporting events.

The most important festivities of the island are El Carnaval and La Cedral Fair (April-May).

  • The Cedral Fair

The Fiestas de El Cedral are held in honor of the Holy Cross of Sabán, since 1848. It is one of the oldest parties not only in Cozumel but throughout Mexico. It takes place in late April and early May; during those dates there are, among other activities, tastings of typical food and drinks, folk dances of the region, pilgrimages and mechanical games are placed.

  • Carnival

Due to its age and magnitude, it is one of the most important carnivals in Mexico. The first Carnival that took place in Cozumel was in 1874 and has remained alive without interruption over the years.
This important holiday includes the coronation of kings and queens of the carnival, parades of floats, dance troupes dressed in costumes, costumes and original masks; concerts and the traditional "Burning of Juan Carnaval" to culminate the celebration.
Visit Cozumel during one of its famous festivities and know its Caribbean vibe and festive atmosphere, it will undoubtedly be an experience you will never forget!