Natural and Theme Parks

Zipline, immerse in the depths of the ocean, drive off-road vehicles through the jungle or learn about the Mayan culture in an interactive way. All these and more, is possible in Cozumel. The largest island on the Mexican Caribbean, located off the coast of Playa del Carmen, this island is home to different nature, adventure and amusement parks, where fun is guaranteed, regardless of age.

Cozumel Vacations

Get to know more about Cozumel’s parks, so you get inspired to visit them all with your family or friends on your next vacation.


A natural park located within the Coral Reef National Park, where you can snorkel or dive on some of the most beautiful reefs on the island. It has several attractions, such as ziplines, pre-Hispanic replicas, a botanical garden, a tequila museum, an agavero landscape; as well as an area to relax and enjoy of the beautiful inslet, and an exclusive beach club with amazing facilities.

Punta Sur

An ecotourism park located in one of the largest Protected Areas in Cozumel. It boasts the spectacular Celarain lighthouse. Get to the top to the lighthouse to take in the breathtaking views of the island: mangroves, sand dunes, reefs, lagoons systems and beautiful beaches. Inside the lighthouse you will find a museum that explains the story of the island regarding the Mayans and pirates who sailed the waters of the Mexican Caribbean.

Its wide sandy beaches and biodiversity make Punta Sur is one of the best places for nature lovers, especially because here you go birdwatching and see the nesting sites of several bird species, such as herons, fishing eagles and flamingos, on a swamp boat, around the Colombia lagoon. As if that weren’t enough, Punta Sur also has several beach clubs that offer the best of the island’s gastronomy, such as the catch of the day and dishes made out of seafood.

Pueblo del Maíz

An interactive park where you will learn all about the Mayan culture, as it addresses issues such as customs, traditions, gastronomy and lifestyle. Here, you will learn about the process of sowing corn, making tortillas, chocolate, honey and pulque. The tour ends with visitors taking part in a fun ball game, just like the ancient Mayans did.

Kaokao Chocolate Factory

The one-hour tour around this family-owned factory allows you to get closer to the culture of cocoa and chocolate in Mexico and the rest of the world, learning its history and its secrets. There are four areas: the factory, the museum, the mills and a gift shop, so you can take a delicious souvenir back home. The tour allows you to know how chocolate is made and includes several tastings throughout the tour.

Kun Che

In this Mayan sanctuary, ball games are played as the ancient Mayans did; in addition, you will learn how corn tortillas, tamales and chocolate are made. The tour ends with a traditional Mexican party, featuring regional dances of the Yucatan Peninsula, and an authentic Mayan lunch.

The Mayan Cacao Company

An experience where you will learn the history of chocolate and the contribution of the Mayas to it, through interactive workshops. The tour begins with a Mayan Purification ritual, then you will visit an authentic Mayan casita, where you can try handmade tortillas and chocolate. Inside the park you can also visit the meliponario to learn about the benefits of Melipona honey, produced by melipona bees, which is the sacred Mayan bee, which has medicinal properties.


We would like these natural landscapes to be preserved as they are for many more years, so we invite you to be a responsible traveler. Remember, small actions make a big difference.

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