Wildlife Encounters

Being an exotic island in the Caribbean, Isla Mujeres has the privilege of being home to several fauna species, some of which are found during certain months, such as whale sharks, one of the most expected visitors that visit the island´s waters every year, from May to September.

This fish, which is the largest in the world and is completely harmless, visit the area located between Isla Mujeres and Holbox —known as the Whale Shark Biosphere Reserve—  because of the favorable conditions and the nutrients that the sea has here which are necessary to make plankton grow, from which they feed. 

While swimming with whale sharks you may see other fascinating species such as dolphins and giant manta rays, as they are often found in the same place as whale sharks, making this experience something out of this world!

Another species that can be found in the waters surrounding this Caribbean island are the sailfish, one of the fastest species of fish. Scuba dive with them from December through March and witness how these amazing fish chase the schools of sardines, a natural phenomenon that is really exciting and worth seeing.

Located 30 minutes away from Isla Mujeres, Isla Contoy is an unspoiled island that is the habitat of several flora and fauna species. This tiny island is the most important bird sanctuary in the Mexican Caribbean, as more than 210 species have been registered here, including frigates, double-crested cormorants, herons, sea swallows, frigates, and brown pelicans, but it is also home to crocodiles, sting rays and three different types of sea turtles –hawksbill, loggerhead and white– which are endangered species.

Help us preserve our natural wonders and the species that inhabit them, learn more about how to be a responsible traveler and don´t miss the opportunity of getting up close with some of the most fascinating species of the Mexican Caribbean!

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