The Cenotes Route

In addition to its beaches, one of the most popular attractions of Puerto Morelos is undoubtedly the Cenotes Route (Ruta de los Cenotes), which stretches across 21 miles, dotted with 60 of these mystical sinkholes that are connected to each other through the world’s longest underground river system: the Great Maya Aquifer. In addition to the cenotes, here you will find several nature and adventure parks where you can perform exciting activities, such as mountain biking, ATVing, ziplining, rappelling to the cenotes, horseback riding, bird watching, among others.

Here are some of the cenotes you should add to your bucket list for when visiting Puerto Morelos and its surroundings:


This park has three different cenotes: Abuelo Che Che, Las Palmas and Cenote Zapote that has a 52 meters depth and that stands out because of its unique mineral formations, known as “Hells Bells”, stalactites that grew underwater. The park also has a zipline circuit, mountain biking and ATV tours around the jungle´s hidden trails.

Puerto Morelos Cenote Zapote

Siete Bocas

It has seven different entryways, some of which are connected to one another, allowing you to swim from one to the other while observing its wonderful rock formations and the flora and fauna that surrounds the landscape.

Siete Bocas

La Noria

This cenote has a very shallow depth, making it the perfect spot for people who just want to get into the refreshing waters of a cenote.

La Noria Cenote

Kin Há

A 40 meters deep cenote, ideal for scuba diving lovers. Cenote Blanca Flor is located really close to Kin Há, where you can zipline or if you are more fearless, jump from an impressive 14-meter-high tower.

Las Mojarras

It is the largest cenote on the Cenotes Route, with a 67-meter-diameter. Zipline across its pristine waters and go ATVing across the imposing Mayan jungle.

Verde Lucero

This park also has ziplines and two different platforms, from which you can dive into the waters of its refreshing 7-meter-deep cenote, where vegetation falls in the form of curtains, giving that beautiful turquoise-green tones to the water.

Boca del Puma

It has a 700-meter zipline circuit, ATV´s, mountain bike expeditions, horseback riding, a 10-meter-high wall where you can practice climbing, or if you prefer, rappel from a 21-meter-high platform.


Dare to explore the Cenotes Route and enjoy this destination to the fullest.