Water Activities

Whether on the sea, the cenotes, underground rivers or caverns, Puerto Morelos has plenty of water activities to appeal to everyone.

This charming town is ideal for spending a day at the beach with the whole family, because of the proximity of the Puerto Morelos National Reef Park to the coast, —one of the 6 National Parks located along the Mexican Caribbean— as it is just 400 meters away from the shore, which is why the swell here is so smooth, perfect if you are traveling with small children, and that favors the practice of kayaking, paddleboarding, sailing, catamaran tours and of course, diving and snorkeling, these last two being its highlights. The clarity of its waters and its shallow depth (which in some areas can be as low as 2 meters) allow you to admire the abundant flora and fauna that inhabit here, such as turtles, manta rays, lobsters, nurse sharks and eels. Some of the most impressive dive sites in Puerto morelos include Herradura, , La Pared, Cuevones, Manchones Jardines, Puentes, Rodman and the Juan Escutia C-56 shipwreck, which can only be accessed by advanced divers due to strong currents and a depth of 30meters/100 feet. This ship was used during World War II by the United States Navy as a mine-sweeper and was later sold and renamed by the Mexican Navy.

TIP #1: Around the Main Square you will find several dive shops and tour providers that offer snorkeling and diving tours. Remember that in order to dive, you must show a Diving Certification.

Adventure lovers must head to the Cenotes Route, a magical place where you will find more than 57 of these enigmatic bodies of water, which are all connected through the world's largest underwater river system. In these natural pristine pools you can snorkel, kayak, paddleboard and even scuba dive (as long as you present your Diving Certification).

As if this weren't enough, some of these cenotes are located inside natural parks that offer thrilling activities, such as ziplining, bungee jumping, ATVing, horseback riding, among others.

TIP #2: If you are an advanced diver, we recommend you to head to Cenote Zapote, a place that holds the “Hells Bells”, unique hollowed cone-shaped rock formations that can be up to two meters long and have an 80-centimeter diameter. This cenote is the only place in the world where these kinds of speleothems have been found.

TIP #3: BE A RESPONSIBLE TRAVELER: We would like these natural landscapes to be preserved as they are for many more years to come, so we invite you to be a responsible traveler and follow these simple tips:

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  • Don't step on the reefs.
  • Keep your distance from the marine life and don't bother them.
  • Wear a life vest if mandatory.
  • Don´t take away anything from the beach (sand, seashells or corals).
  • Wear a long-sleeved rash guard, a cap or a hat to protect yourself from the sun, since sunscreen (even if it is biodegradable) damages the ecosystem.


  • It is necessary for you to take a quick bath before you get into any of our bodies of water in order to remove any chemicals from your body, (body lotions, perfumes, sunblock, makeup, deodorants, etc.) as these products pollute the water.
  • Don't touch the stalactites and stalagmites. These impressive rock formations have taken hundreds of thousands of years to form. When people touch them, the oils in our bodies interrupt their growth process and they end up “dying”, so we ask you to only admire them.
  • Take away everything with you. Don't leave behind litter.

Remember that small actions, make all the difference.

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