Simple Guide to Be a Responsible Traveler in the Mexican Caribbean

The Mexican Caribbean is a lush destination, with several natural wonders that holds an impressive biodiversity which is one of the main reasons this destination is so unique.

Below you will learn some ways to help us take care and preserve our natural treasures, the species that inhabit them; our historical sites and Mayan culture, so that future generations can continue to enjoy our paradise.

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Visit, Admire & Preserve

Visit, Admire & Preserve


  • The Outdoors

    The Outdoors

    Here, you can find some information worth knowing when visiting our beaches, cenotes, lagoons, underwater rivers, caverns, the jungle, islets, cays, and sand dunes.

  • Wildlife encounters

    Wildlife Encounters

    Our destination is ideal for establishing a close connection with nature, and there is no better way to do it that interacting closely with one of the 7,938 species of fauna that call this place their home.

  • Archaeological and Historical Sites

    Archaeological and Historical Sites

    Our history fills us with pride. Our goal is to keep the Mayan culture alive and pass the traditions and wisdom to the new generations and our visitors.

  • Social and Cultural Issues

    Social and Cultural Aspects

    Show some respect to the artistic, cultural, historical and gastronomic heritage of the region. Let yourself be enriched by these life-changing experiences.


We invite you to discover more about the Mexican Caribbean and become a responsible traveler!
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