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A top Riviera Maya destination, Tulum is a place that has it all: spectacular white-sand beaches, impressive archaeological sites, beautiful lagoons, tropical jungles, charming Mayan towns, mystical cenotes, breathtaking caverns, and spectacular underground rivers.

Unlike the hotels in Playa del Carmen or Cancun, there are few large all-inclusive resorts in Tulum. The lodging options in this "Magic Town" are distinguished by being smaller and more exclusive. With a Bohemian style, many of these European-plan hotels offer a more intimate experience focused on well-being.

Most of Tulum's hotels are eco-friendly and have blended in perfectly with their surroundings by respecting nature, using local materials and incorporating elements of the Mayan culture in the designs. True pieces of architectural art come to life in Tulum and reflect the cultural essence that characterizes it so much, which has made it one of the most Instagrammable destinations in the world.

Accommodation in Tulum can be as imaginative as you decide. Whether you're looking for a hidden cabin in the middle of the jungle or a luxurious treetop villa, Tulum has options for you. Choose from bungalows, cabins, boutique hotels, hostels, glamping options and hotels dedicated to wellness. No matter what you decide, expect to feel totally in touch with nature and captivated by the area’s eco-chic vibe.

Where to Stay

Before selecting the type of accommodation you want, you must first pick where you want to stay, since Tulum is divided into three large areas: the archaeological zone, the center (also known as "El Pueblo") and the hotel zone. Most of the hotels are located in the hotel zone and the town; however, you will also find a few on Highway 307, which runs from Cancun to the city of Chetumal.

If you decide to stay downtown or in the hotel zone, you will have many attractions just a few steps away. While the city lends itself to walking, most travelers select to rent bicycles or scooters to move more easily and explore nearby attractions such as cenotes and lagoons.

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For budget travelers

The accommodation options found in "Tulum Pueblo" are usually a little more accessible and are ideal for travelers with a limited budget. Travelers who prefer to explore and want to live like a local will find plenty of authentic restaurants, bars and souvenir shops just a few meters away.

Here you will also find small boutique hotels that are much more basic than those in the hotel zone, but that still boast classic Tulum vibes. Most of the city’s hostels can be found here as well. They usually have swimming pools and offer a wide variety of activities such as salsa classes, cooking classes, and bike rentals.

If you decide to stay in the city center, we recommend renting a scooter or bicycle to transport you easily and quickly to and from the hotel zone, the archaeological sites, and the beaches. Approximately four miles away from downtown, Playa Paraíso, a public beach, is located in the hotel zone and extends to the beach on the archaeological site. There you will find several beach clubs with a relaxed atmosphere where you can spend the day enjoying the sun, refreshing drinks and delicious dishes.

Exclusive hotels

Stretching over seven miles, the hotel zone is where most of the exclusive hotels are located (including some with fewer than 10 rooms). It is the perfect place for travelers seeking laid-back luxury and morning ocean views. Many of these offer complementary activities, such as meditation and yoga sessions at dawn in beautiful enclosures, with palapa roofs in front of the Caribbean Sea.

Haute cuisine restaurants, luxurious boutiques, sophisticated art galleries, popular beach clubs, renowned spas, and wellness centers are some attractions that you will find throughout the hotel zone, which is divided into north and south. The stretch of beach on the north side is rocky. Here you will find the popular Playa Paraíso and Playa Santa Fe. The south side is where almost all restaurants, bars, boutiques and lively beach clubs are located. The bars and clubs here usually have live music and DJs. The area borders the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve—located within Maya Ka'an, the region south of Tulum—, the largest Natural Protected Area in Quintana Roo, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Some hotels in the hotel zone are famous for holding incredible events and parties where DJs and musicians from all over the world invite everyone to experience the "Tuluminati" life, dancing under the moonlight. In addition, many hotels also carry out important spiritual and wellness retreats throughout the year.

Out of the ordinary hotels

Hotels suspended between treetops in the middle of the jungle, or hostels where the rooms are concrete tubes… if you want to stay somewhere out of the ordinary, Tulum is the place for you! Connect with nature and with yourself by entering one of its many unique natural settings.

If you want to spend the night in a place far from the city, admiring the starry sky, listening to the gentle waves, then we recommend our glamping options, which allow you to enjoy nature without complications.

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