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Formerly known as Zamá, which means "sunrise" in Mayan, Tulum is one of the most popular destinations in the Mexican Caribbean. Located within the Riviera Maya, this "Magic Town" has captivated travelers from different parts of the world with its Bohemian vibe, relaxed atmosphere and Mayan culture. Visitors can experience it throughout the town’s architecture, gastronomy, wellness offerings and more.

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Tulum is divided into three zones: the archaeological zone, downtown (also known as "El Pueblo"), and the hotel zone.

Discover Tulum's Mayan Past

Tulum's archaeological zone is one of the most popular in all of Mexico. This Mayan city was built on a cliff from where you can see the incredible Caribbean Sea. The site has more than 60 structures, with "El Castillo" being the most famous. Just beyond its beaches, there is a reef that is a great place to snorkel.

No trip to Tulum is complete without a visit to the Mayan communities, where you can experience the living Mayan culture. Learn about their traditions, customs and ways of life that they have preserved. South of Tulum you will find other breathtaking archaeological sitesCobá and Muyil.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Tulum is a great destination for nature and adventure enthusiasts. Hiking, zip-lining, rafting, mountain biking, and driving ATVs through the Mayan jungle are just some activities you can do in the natural settings of Tulum and its surroundings. Discover white-sand beaches, spectacular lagoons, more than 2,500 cenotes, and 407 flooded caves. The region’s cave systems are perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling and are connected through the Sac Actun System, which is the longest underground river in the world.

The beaches of Tulum are long stretches of white sand that contrast perfectly with its turquoise blue waters. Along the coast, you will find some secluded beaches where you can enjoy total relaxation. If you are looking for a lively atmosphere, head to some of the beach clubs in the hotel zone, which usually host DJs and live music, full moon parties, and salsa nights. Some of the best beaches include Playa Paraíso, Paamul, Caleta Tankah and of course Punta Allen, within the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, which is located south of Tulum in the Maya Ka´an region.

Deep in the lush jungle, the Kaan Luum and Yal-Kú lagoons are two other must-see natural sights in Tulum. Immerse yourself in its crystal clear waters by snorkeling or admire the view from the surface while paddleboarding.


Famous for its wellness offerings, Tulum is home to several spas, holistic centers and hotels dedicated to wellness that focus on providing true disconnection from the outside world. Pamper your mind, body and spirit, with activities such as yoga, meditation, Mayan purification ceremonies, temazcal, and ceremonial excursions to cenotes.

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Have a Good Time

In recent years, Tulum has positioned itself on the gastronomic map as a foodie destination, thus attracting renowned national and international chefs who have made Tulum their home. Many chefs in the region have masterfully mixed international flavors with local ingredients, adopting pre-Hispanic cooking styles like preparing dishes "al pib," which is a technique that consists of putting food in a hole underground so that it is cooked in the heat of the embers for a few hours. From picturesque eateries on the seashore to award-winning restaurants in the jungle and some more casual located in "Tulum Pueblo," flavor awaits.

Come and let yourself be captivated by the magic that surrounds Tulum.