Cenotes and Lagoons

Located along the Riviera Maya, Tulum is an incredible so-called Magic Town that stands out for holding unique natural wonders, many of which have been kept hidden among the imposing Mayan jungle for thousands of years; such as the cenotes and lagoons.

Dz'onot is the Mayan word for "cenotes", which are natural sinkholes of pristine water fed underground by the filtration of the rain and the Sac Actun underground river system.


The Mayans considered them to be sacred places, as they believed that the cenotes were connected to the underworld (Xibalbá); the place where their gods and spirits lived after death.

Nowadays, cenotes are visited by many travelers who want to immerse themselves in its refreshing waters and spend moments of great fun, with their family or friends, performing activities such as snorkeling scuba diving, paddleboarding, or kayaking.

If you're an adrenaline junkie, some of the area's cenotes have been turned into nature and adventure parks, offering more activities such as ziplines, rappelling, bungee jumping, and ATVs, among others.


Tulum's lagoons are perfect sceneries for reconnecting with nature and swimming.

Located north of Tulum, Yal-Kú lagoon is a magical place where you can admire one of the most amazing landscapes of the Mexican Caribbean. Its crystal clear waters allow you to see the roots of the mangroves and the colorful fishes. Here you will find a wide variety of birds that can be observed usually at the top of the trees. Yal-Kú is a vast freshwater lagoon that connects to the ocean, holding the flora and fauna of two very different landscapes that converge.

Tulum Laguna Yal-kú

Surrounded by lush vegetation, Kaan Luum is an ideal place for enjoying a true disconnection. Its different shades of blue will make you stop to soak in the beautiful views where. In the middle of the lagoon you´ll find an amazing cenote, which is surrounded by a fence, as it is reserved only for diving.

Please keep in mind that these bodies of water are fragile and are the habitat of hundreds of flora and fauna species. Help us preserve these natural wonders being a responsible traveler by following these recommendations, so that future generations can continue to enjoy this paradise that we call home.

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